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Our Viral Social Media Marketing Packages Are As Follows *

ALL Packages include:

You cannot loose if you choose one of our packages… and we can Guarantee You Will Get The Traffic or it is FREE…

Packages Guaranteed Hits Per 180 Days Est. Visits Per 180 Days Est. Cost Per Visit Cost Per Month
VSMM G.A.I.T. 60
-Up to 1 Million Users Targeted
60,000 7,763
= 1,294/mon
$0.38 $499Order-Now
VSMM G.A.I.T. 120
-Up to 2 Million Users Targeted
120,000 15,526 = 2,588/mon $0.35 $999Order-Now
Custom Population Target 15,000 to 500,000  1,941 to 129,400  As low as $0.12 $ Per Population – call-us
  • Each package includes a setup fee detailed below

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– 1 Custom Lead or Special Offer Facebook Fanpage AND The traffic to your business that you must have to go along with it…

We will even Guarantee the traffic if you use our resources!* – We have the system to do it. Without the Traffic to your site, your “gorgeous” site like the trophy on your mantle. You see it everyday but no one else knows about it.

Add these 2 Important Options:

Add-On Option 1)

 – Building Your Professional Facebook Business Profile – Target 100,000 to 500,000 Users/Day (requires building over 3 to 6 Months)

  • We will build your own professional profile. This adds on average 50 groups per month that will then be able to be broadcast your message, services to
  • We then can send your messages from your profile to this size of an audience within 4 to 6 months and will grow continously
  • The average group size from our list of targets averages 3,300 members
  • The profile itself is worth so much as to be able to send to millions of people a month
  • This adds 50 groups per month to a profile
1 – PRO Builder 50 $39
  • This adds 100 groups per month to a profile
2 – PRO Builder 150  $69Order-Now
  • This adds 200 groups per month to a profile
3 – PRO Builder 200  $99Order-Now

Add-On Option 2)

 – A complete dedicated lead generating, tracked and proven Marketing Website – example hereOrder-Now

For an additional $59 per month you get a complete Marketing Web-site + one time $199 setup*

  • Complete with all tracking, conversion tools and browser editability
  • Concise Design – Most all sites designed by a Web Developer (not a marketing specialist) include tons of content and lose a visitor
  • People just need a simple answer to their problem. Make it easy and it doesn’t cost much to get done
  • With 3rd party tracking built into our hosting we will Guarantee our traffic
  • This site is critical to converting visitors to leads or sales
  • We use all of the proven methods to generate sales all built into 1 conveinient site

Important Components – 1 Time Setup Fees for GAIT Programs

* 1 Time Set-up Fee For All Social Media Accounts and Facebook Lead/Speicla Offer Fanpage  – $299 for GAIT 30, $249 for GAIT 45, $199 for GAIT 60
** We must have a Power Profile in place with 50 Groups Memberships before our guarantee starts. If you do not have a Power Profile in place we will build one for you for $39 to $99 a month. We will be posting from our in-house accounts while this is built.
*** Set-up of AwStats Traffic Tracking Required and is included in or Marketing Website
**** Minimum of 6 month commitment to each product/service whether bought individually or in combination
***** To maintain the website if cancelling all other services there is a minimum monthly charge of $29 – no support, security updates, anti-hacker support or patch installs will be supplied

National Accounts Start at $499 and Target 500,000 to 1 Million Users Per Day call-us

Users Targeted Cost/Month Cost Per 1000 Users
             20,000,000  $           499  $                      0.025
             35,000,000  $           749  $                      0.021
             50,000,000  $           998  $                      0.020
             65,000,000  $       1,248  $                      0.019
             85,000,000  $       1,497  $                      0.018
           100,000,000  $       1,747  $                      0.017
           125,000,000  $       1,996  $                      0.016
           150,000,000  $       2,246  $                      0.015
           200,000,000  $       2,495  $                      0.012
           250,000,000  $       2,745  $                      0.011
           300,000,000  $       2,994  $                      0.010


* 1 Time Set-up Fee For All Social Media Accounts, Business Profile and a Marketing Website and all required Tracking Tools – $299

** Set-up of AwStats Traffic Tracking Required

*** We must have a Power Profile in place with 50 Groups Memberships before our guarantee starts. If you do not have a Power Profile in place we will build one for you within 45 days. We will be posting from our in-house accounts during the 1st 45 days.

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