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We are a Google Supported Agency with experts on-call at Google to help us with our clients. We have been in TestimonialsClientsthe Internet Marketing Industry since 2011 and our Top Brass has been in the industry since 1998.

Our experts have done work for Anheuser-Busch, Citi, Google’s Top Reseller, IBM, Caterpillar, Vinson Mortgage and many of the top Car Dealers in the Midwest like GMC, Ford and BMW.

We have managed accounts for some of the biggest names in the Automotive Industry that ran across the country, as well as dozens of familiar companies around the Midwest and around the country.


Here are our most recent 4 Testimonials

Joe T.
– Furniture Store Owner
We have seen such an incredible increase in our traffic. Now our Social Media gets so many Likes, Comments and Visits. We have the iWebProfit G.A.I.T. Service to thank for this. So affordable too.
Dr. Kyle LeBlanc
Owner - Advanced Chiropratic
These guys have put all the tools in place for me to make my on-line presence really bring in business. After all, that is where all business is moving to. We put in place a great site that brings leads, a Google and Yahoo PPC campaign and they have helped us with us to manage our Reputation and Social Media. We get an average of 4 new clients a week that we attribute to iWebProfit's efforts.
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Josh Singer
Owner - Web Design Company
To make money we have to create a new website for a customer. Now we have a tool at Web312 to effectively automate over 1,250 clients Social Media while we get paid each month automatically. This is our next big source of revenue and a huge asset to our clients who cannot afford $500 to $2,000 a month for less than satisfactory results from so-called “social media management firms”.
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Shawn G.
Owner - Roofing Company
Now we are really getting people from the Internet. For years we were strictly word of mouth. But we get a ton of business from our Facebook and Website since starting our program with
Tony M.
Manager - Local Dealership
We have maintained 2 times the traffic we had been getting every month since we launched our GAIT 60 campaign with We have spent thousands a month to get 1/4 the same amount of traffic. These guys customize our ads and broadcast all of our monthly specials to a huge audience. This program is as effective as anything we had seen, epecially considering the cost.
Laura J.
Owner - Gym
What an incredible jump in the traffic to our social media and our website using the Social Media Marketing Service. Our Facebook, Fanpage, Twitter and website are now getting 10 times as much traffic as we used it get.

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